Dry Ice Blasting


Utilizing only compressed air and Dry ice which is the solid form of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). It has no colour, taste or smell and is a natural part of our atmosphere.

Dry ice has a temperature of -79°. It is made by expanding high pressure liquid CO2, which changes into gas form. The change in state causes the temperature to drop quickly freezing into dry ice.

Dry ice is delivered in insulated containers. Dry ice pellets recommended to be used within 1-3 days.

The approximate consumption of dry ice when you using the Danduct clean system is 2-3 kilos per m² duct. The dry ice consumption can be increased when removing more heaver debris.

The dry ice machines have been developed from a wish to make cleaning equipment, which especially considers the industry's wish to reduce the following costs by cleaning with machinery.


The advantage of dry ice cleaning is that it is a very efficient and a completely dry cleaning process, which does not leave any additional waste products.

The dry ice evaporates and therefor most often can be used for cleaning of machinery, even when its running and without dismantling it.

Main Advantages:

  • Chemical and Water Free
  • Non-abrasive cleaning (No damage to original surface)
  • Reduce downtime
  • No additional waste created
  • Evaporates on contact and is completely natural

Main Disadvantages:

  • Large Noise generated from Dry Ice blasting up to 115 dB at source
  • Outside Air Compressor Noise 71dB at 7 metres
  • Requirement of Ear muffs / plugs to be worn near equipment